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冬季螢火蟲跑 Winter Firefly Run

Running+Firefly Appreciation+ Tai Po Kau Winter Fireflies Photo Guide

活動日期 Dates of activities:
2021年10月31日 October 31, 2021

地點 Location:
大埔滘 Tai Po Kau

探望香港特有螢火蟲 - 弦月窗螢 Meet the Hong Kong Endemic Firefly - Lunate Window Firefly


其他活躍螢光蟲 Other active fireflies

雙色垂鬚螢 Bicolor Comb-horned Firefly


橙螢 Orange Window Firefly


主辦 Organizers:
香港昆蟲學會 Hong Kong Entomological Society、快樂體育 Happy Sports

參加者完成 2 公里上山跑賽程,獲發賞螢地圖(未能完成賽程者不獲發地圖、亦不會獲退回報名費用),根據賞螢地圖顯示位置到達賞螢點賞螢。

A Firefly Appreciation Map will be provided to each runner who have completed the 2 km uphill running course. No map will be given to runners who have not completed the course and there will be no refund. Runners follow the map to reach the the firefly appreciation points to watch the fireflies.

截止報名日期 Deadline of application:
10月27日 October 27

報名費 Entry fee:
$100. 香港昆蟲學會會員或快樂體育學員五折收費 50% off for members of Hong Kong Entomological Society or Happy Sports trainees.

「香港冬天的螢火蟲」線上講座 Winter Fireflies of Hong Kong Webinar (Exclusive to participants to this event) :
2021年10月29日 October 29 2021 8:45pm - 9:30pm

時間 Time:
最早跑步出發時間5:00pm,最遲跑步出發時間5:30pm,各人出發時間由大會安排。賞螢地圖5:45pm,於終點開始向完成跑步賽程者派發,一人獲發一張。各人自由前往各賞螢點賞螢。Start time of individual runner is arranged by the organiser. Earliest start time 5:00pm, latest start time 5:30. At 5:45pm, Firefly Appreciation Maps will start to be distributed at the finishing point. One map for each runner. Runners freely go to the firefly appreciation points by the guidance of the map.

Running start format: 1 minute interval between participants

報名資格 Qualification for entry:

限制 Restrictions :

2012 年至2016年出生者必須由1或2位家長陪同跑步 Runners born between 2012 to 2016 must be accompanied by 1 or 2 parents during running

2007年至2016年出生者必須由1或2位家長陪同進行賞螢活動 Runners born between 2007 to 2016 must be accompanied by 1 or 2 parents during the firefly appreciation activity

跑步路線 Route:
大埔松仔園沿石屎路至大埔滘林道環迴路段 From Tsung Tsai Yuen to Tai Po Kau Forest Trail - Loop Track Section along the concrete road

地圖 Map


距離 Distance:
2.0 km

海拔增加 Elevation gain:

大埔松仔園停車場 Tsung Tsai Yuen Car Park, Tai Po

計時系統 Timing system :

成績 Results:
大會於11月1日晚或之後公布各組成績及排名,不發獎項。Results with each division ranking will be published on November 1 or later.

分組 Divisions:
根據跑速分組 (不論年齡和性別) According to running speed (Irrespective of age & gender)

  • 4:00組 (精英組 Elite ):3k PB <12’00” 1.5k PB <5’50” (1項或2項 either or both). 預計勝出時間 Expected winning time <15’00"

  • 4:30組 (高級組 Advance) : 3k PB <13’30” 1.5k PB <6’15” (1項或2項 either or both). 預計勝出時間 Expected winning time <17’00"

  • 5:00組 (中級組 Medium) : 3k PB <15’00” 1.5k PB <7’00” (1項或2項 either or both). 預計勝出時間 Expected winning time <19’00"

  • 6:00組 (初級組 Elementary): 3k PB <18’00” 1.5k PB <8’30” (1項或2項 either or both). 預計勝出時間 Expected winning time <21’00"

  • 體驗組 Novice :3k PB ≧18’00” 1.5k PB ≧ 8’30” (2項皆是 both),或不知道自己的 or do not know 3k PB 和 1.5k PB. 預計勝出時間 Expected winning time ≧22’00"

PB = Personal best 個人最佳時間

Must join the highest division according to personal best. At the race, if the time record is faster than anyone in a higher division, the runner will be automatically be shifted to that higher division.